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Carl Brown, along side Danny and James Catron, are shown with 3 big swamp rabbits and 3 cottontails harvested on Jan 1st 2006

Fifteen big swamp rabbits were killed on Jan. 8th 2007.

On Jan. 8th and 9th of 2007, James and Danny Catron killed 21 swamp rabbits!
Mathew Ellegood and Jeremy Jones of Mayfield, KY traveled two and a half hours to hunt with Catron's Kennel. The guys enjoyed the hunt and harvested 5 rabbits .
Above are Robert Hart and his son Tanner with some big swamp rabbits.
Chris Glover, James Catron, Tanner and Robert Hart are shown with 10 big swamp rabbits. They were harvested on a very cold January day. The guys really enjoyed the hunt provided by Catron's Kennel on Jan 19th 2007.
Carl Brown, Torin Pierceall, Mathew Ellegood, Tim Baty are pictured above. It was Tim's first hunt with us. The guys had a wonderful time while harvesting 11 big swamp rabbits and 1 cottontail on Jan. 20th of 2006.
Carl Brown and James Catron killed 3 big swampers and 1 cottontail on a cold/wet day Jan 21st 2007.
John Raines and Vinnie Chappalman traveled from Crossvile, TN to hunt with James Catron. It was Vinnie's first hunt with dogs. They really enjoyed the hunt provided for them on Jan 22nd 2007
A group of hunters from Washington, D.C. traveled south to hunt with Catron's Kennel. They killed 11 big swampers on Jan 26th 2007.
Shown above are two hunters from the Washington, D.C. They killed 6 cottontails on Jan 27th 2007.
James and Larry Catron, with Carl Brown, killed 3 cottontails during a very cold hunt Jan 28th 2007.
Larry and James Catron killed 2 swamp rabbits and 2 cottontails on Feb. 3rd 2007.
James Catron and Carl Brown harvested 4 cottontails on Feb. 4th 2007.
Shown above, a group of hunters from Memphis, TN, killed 5 rabbits during a hunt provided by Catron's Kennel on Feb 10th 2007.
These three females are looking for a bunny. They will flat out run a rabbit forever!
Catron's guide service harvested 5 big swamp rabbits on Feb. 11th 2007 with the group shown above.
Feb. 17th 2007 was a special day for us to have a father and son hunt along side us. It's always fun to have kids get out and enjoy outdoor sports.
This picture serves to prove that hunting with us is always an enjoyable experience. Thanks to Ben and his father for a great time. That day we killed 4 big swamp rabbits and 3 cottontails.
This is Mary Ann who delivers all of my beagles. These two are going to Georgia and Florida.

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