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This is the future of Catron's Kennel. Look out bunnies!

Danny Ray Jr. on his first rabbit hunt is shown with 2 rabbits. He was very happy to hunt with us. Nov-10-2007

James Catron, Danny Ray, and Carl Brown with 2 cottontails.
The guys shown with 4 bunnies harveseted on Nov-11-2007
Danny Catron pictured with Cry Mouth Bell and Carl Brown with 6 cottontails harvested on Nov-12-2007
James and Candy Valentine shown with Carl. 6 bunnies were killed on Nov-12-2007

This is Mary Ann along with Candy Valentine. Candy is going to Dover to meet her new owner. We harvested a total of 64 bunnies in Malden, Missouri.

This is Danny Ray Jr. loves to drive.
The guys are loading up after a short Thanksgiving Day Nov-22-2007
Everyone shown with 7 bunnies harvested on a very cold and windy Thanksgiving Day.
21 big swamp rabbits killed on Dec-6-2007. Jim Davis ,standing on the right, bought several rabbit dogs from Catron's Kennel last year. Now you can see what the Catron's Pack is all about.
James and Danny with 4 harvested bunnies on Dec-16-2007 It was a very cold and windy day.
The day ended with 12 big swamp rabbits. What a great hunt!
This was a big guided hunt for Catron's Kennel. These bunnies were all harvested in McNairy, TN on Dec-8-2007
Another day in the field for the guys. They were all having so much fun.
George Jurkins and Carl Brown shown on a very good rabbit hunting day. Dec-8-2007
Danny and his big brother Larry with Catron's Cry Mouth Bell harvested 4 bunnies on Dec-3-2007
The guys are getting ready for a big guide rabbit hunt. Dec-8-2007
The guys with 4 cottontails harvested on Nov-24-2007
Danny with 2 top/young female rabbit dogs and his bunnies on the tailgate. Dec-1-2007

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