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This was one of the biggest rabbit guide hunts that we've ever done. 10 hunters harvested 12 big swampers on Jan 12th, 2008.

Carl shown with 3 bunnies harvested on Jan 13th, 2008.

James shown with 2 swampers and 1 cottontail harvested on Jan 2nd, 2008.
Danny pictured with 4 big swampers and 1 cottontail harvested on Jan 4th, 2008.
These 7 bunnies didn't stand a chance when they meet up with Catron's pack. Dec 30th, 2007.
Danny along side 2 swampers and 1 cottontail harvested on Jan 1st, 2008.

A group of hunters enjoyed a day with Catron's Kennel.

Matt Brown, Dustin Rosson, and Holliday Ditto hold up 11 big swamp rabbits they killed on Dec 29th, 2007.
The guys killed 5 bunnies on Dec 23rd, 2007.
Matt Brown and Dustin Rosson shown above. This was Matt's first time rabbit hunting. He killed his first swamp rabbit Dec 29th, 2007.
Danny, Ginger, and Ditto shown with 3 cottontails harvested on Jan 19th, 2008.
We harvested four big swampers on Jan 20th, 2008.
The guys killed 9 big swamp rabbits on Jan 21st, 2008.
11 big swampers shown. We had one hunter who came all the way from Georgia. Jan 25th, 2008.
A group of hunters  from Collierville, Tn are shown with 3 cottontails harvested on Feb 2nd, 2008.
We had a great hunt Feb 3rd, 2008 with 9 big swamp rabbits killed in action.
On Feb 9th, 2008 we harvested a total of 4 cottontails. There were two hunters from Millinton, TN.
The guys pictured with 7 big cottontails harvested on Feb 10th, 2008.
This is Joey Tarpeo of St.Louis, MO with one big swamp rabbit. Joey and his Dad traveled 5 hours to hunt with Catron's Kennel.
The day ended with 5 big swamp rabbits harvested on Feb 16th, 2008.
Danny Ray Jr. and Danny Sr. shown with 4 cottontails and 1 big swamper harvested on Feb 15th, 2008.
This was the last day of rabbit season for Catron's Kennel. We had a wonderful time in the field this hunting season! We killed an extraordinary amount of rabbits this season during our guided hunts. The guys harvested 5 rabbits on Feb 23rd, 2008.
Mary Anne delivers two beagles to Baton Rouge.
Just another day in the field for Catrons Kennel
The guys with 1 swamp rabbit and 4 cottontails harvested on Nov 16th, 2008.
Danny is shown here with Co Co and Rusty, our top rabbit dogs.
James pictured with one big swamper rabbit killed on Nov 16th, 2008
Danny Ray shown with one cottontail. This boy is really into rabbit hunting! Nov 16th, 2008
James, Danny Ray, and Carl Brown harvested 2 cottontails and 1 swamper on Nov 9th, 2008
The guys are shown here with 3 cottontails an 1 swamp rabbit harvested on Nov 14th, 2008.
Danny Ray above with 10 bunnies that were harvested on Nov 11th, 2008
Danny Ray, Rusty, and Papa an shot three of the best males that you will ever find.
Danny Ray killed the first rabbit on opening day of rabbit season.
Carl, Danny Ray, and James shown with 4 of the best jump dogs to be found.

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