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Rabbit hunters traveled all the way from St.Louis, Mo. to hunt with us on Dec 12th, 2008.

The hunters from St. Louis really enjoyed our beagles.

Danny Ray with one bunny.
Larry Catron and Danny Ray shown with 13 bunnies that were harvested on Thanksgiving Day 2008.
Danny Ray with Molly holds his shot gun and a rabbit.
The guys with the Catrons pack and 8 cottontails harvested on Nov 29th, 2008

The guys with 10 bunnies harvested on Nov 30th, 2008.

Danny and Peggy killed 11 cottontails on Dec 2nd, 2008.
The guys killed 8 big swampers in McNairy, Tn on Dec 13th, 2008
Danny Ray harvested 2 rabbits on Dec 14th, 2008
The guys with 1 swamp rabbit and 4 cottontails killed on Dec 7th, 2008.
C.J. Miller shown here on his very first rabbit hunt. He killed this bunny on Dec 28th, 2008.
Dusty Walker killed this bunny. The hunt was provided by Catron's Kennel.
This unlucky critter was the 100th rabbit killed for the season.
We harvested 6 bunnies on Dec 28th, 2008.
Danny Ray pictured with 6 cottontails harvested on Dec 30th, 2008.
The guys pose with 3 big swampers and 7 cottontails that were harvested on new years day 2008.
Hunters of all ages, including one from Louisiana, came to hunt with us. We killed 8 swamp rabbits that day.
Another group of hunters killed 4 rabbits on Jan 4th, 2008.
The guys stand with 8 cottontails killed on Jan 11th, 2008

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