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Danny with Catrons Running Fancy along with 14-Bunnies killed on Dec-17-2009)
Catron's Running Shot-Gun stands with 4 big swamp rabbits that were killed on Feb 14th, 2009.
Danny Ray and James Catron shown with 5 prime female rabbit dogs. We killed 6 bunnies on Feb 15th, 2009.
Pearl, Becky, Sally, and Sussie show off their 4 cottontails harvested on Feb 21st, 2009.
John Forsythe, from Okland, TN, and the guys stand alongside 6 big swampers. This hunt took place in the Rossville Bottoms on Feb 22nd, 2009.
Joey Tarpeo and Catron's Hard Running Pistol, one outstanding rabbit dog, pictured along with 12 bunnies. It was another awesome rabbit hunt.
Danny sits on a tailgate with Jumping Buster and 1 bunny. This was the last day of rabbit season. We ended up with 256 rabbits killed. Thanks to everyone that hunted with us; we can't wait until next season!

Greg Puller of Dallas bought this male plus 3 more dogs in  April. Now you see why everyone wants these dogs.

This is James Custis from Dover, Delware. He drove 17 hours to buy 3 A-1 Rabbit Dogs from us.

This is Xavier Maddox from Georgia. He has already bought 5 dogs from us. He came back and got this one on Labor Day. It's proof that you can't buy just one.

rabbit dog photo
This is Charles, also from Georgia. He bought this male on Labor Day too, which made 5 sold in one day!
Johnnie Heair of Houston, MS purchased these two beagle pups from us and became another one of our happy customers.
The Guys pictured with 8 cottontails harvested on Nov 14th, 2009

Danny and Carl Brown with Catron's Red Lady killed 5 cottontails on Nov 28th, 2009

rabbit dog photo
Danny and Carl with Catron's Tracking Peggy pictured alongside 5-Bunnies.
Danny Ray holds 2 bunnies harvested on Dec 5th, 2009
rabbit dog photo
Danny with Catron's Running Shot-Gun took 3 bunnies on Dec 11th, 2009.
These girls are ready for action!
rabbit dog photo
This little lady enjoyed the rabbit hunt too. Dec 13th, 2009
Shawn holds a big cottontail.

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