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Mike Williamson, from Raville, LA, bought three rabbit dogs from me. This beagle, Ikie, was one of them. Mar 6th, 2010.
Tony and Lane Delay, from Cleveland, TN, bought these two rabbit dogs from us on Mar 13th, 2010.
These two young ladies bought this 6 week old pup for their father on Mar 15th, 2010.
David and Heather Cogar, of Virginia, bought this female and became another happy customer.
This gentleman traveled from Kansas City to buy this 7 month old puppy.
Danny Ray is shown above with one bunny on a very cold and snowy day. Feb 15th, 2010
Gary McEroy, Jasper, TN, bought three females from us.
Paul, of G.R.C. Dog  Hauling Services, took Ho-Bo to his new owner in South Carolina.
Paul, shown with Catron's Running Ginger, is going to Chesterfield, VA to her new owner. Thanks Winston Hamlin
Chuck Woods of Jackson, TN,  bought Catron's Jumping Liz and became another happy buyer.

Michael is shown with his 5 cottontails; this was his second year hunting with us. Nov 23rd, 2010

Ray of G.R.C. Dog Hauling Service delivered this male to Louisiana.

Ray took Catron's Running Maggie to North Carolina. Thanks Eric Elliott.

Ray took these two to Dover, DE. Thanks Derrick Combs.

Ray took this female to North Carolina.

Danny shown with Catron's Hard Running Tina with 9 cottontails.

Carl pictured with Jumping Sky and 6 cottontails killed on Nov 27th, 2010.

Danny stands with Catron's Jumping Spider.

Danny shown with Catron's Mandy and their 6 cottontails.



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