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Danny had to shoot this bunny 3 times before it would stop. Cupcake trying to take the bunny out of Danny's hand. look out bunnies the pack is coming.
james and larry catron with 11 bunnies on a sunny and very cold day. carl brown,joe jenkins,layne dawson,carrie cox and james catron on a frosty and cold day with 10 bunnies the pack caught one.
the pack ran the bunny so hard across a 50 acres cottonfield that it had to run under this brush pile for safety. On this day the wind were very high with light rain and sleet we had to wear face mask caps but that didn't stop the pack from putting on a super show for the guys. 29 bunnies.
james catron,mack andrew,carl brown with 8 swamp rabbits, mack said this was the best rabbit hunt that he has ever been on and want to go again. (Standing) james cannon,justin ferge,larry catron,carl brown,james catron.(Kneeing) red,mitchell martin with 9 swamp rabbits they were killed in the Hatchie Wildlife Refuge.
mark springfield,james,danny,freddie springfield,carl brown with 26 cottontails the dogs caught 5 rabbits this was a Christmas eve day hunt 2003. the guys with 10 swamp rabbits the pack had to chase rabbits across frozing creeks and thick honeysuckers an brairs.
james,freddie,mark with 24 cottontails killed on a cold day not pictured danny,larry catron. james catron,mark,freddie springfield,danny catron,carl brown with 10 swamp rabbits on New Years Day 2004.


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