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16 bunnies were harvested on Jan 1st, 2006. Every rabbit that was jumped was killed. 9 swampers and 7 cottontails..
James and Larry Catron with Carl Brown shown along side 8 bunnies harvested on Jan 2nd, 2006.
Jeff Woods and Dan Patterson of News Channel 3 Outdoors came to hunt with us. It was a big day for Catron's Kennel. Jan 9th, 2006
It turns out that Friday the 13th is also a bad day for these 13 bunnies. Feb 13th, 2006.
James Catron, Clinton, and Ricky Voyles shown with 5 bunnies harvested on Jan 16th, 2006
Jan 14th, 2006 was a record kill on swamp rabbits in West TN 27 swampers were killed. Sussie and Holly caught one of each
James with 4 bunnies harvested on Jan 20th, 2006.
Larry and James Catron pictured with Travis Rosson with 9 big swampers harvested on Jan 21st, 2006.
Mitchell Martin and James with 12 bunnies harvested on Jan 23rd, 2006. 5 swampers and 7 cottontails were killed.
After killing 10 rabbits, these guys came back for another hunt the following season. Jan 27th, 2006.
Jim Davis and James shown with 3 big swampers. The pack put on a great show for Jim. He bought one of my females, Lady, and was very satified with her. Thanks Jim Davis! Feb 3rd, 2006
9 swampers were harvested by the guys on Feb 4th, 2006.
Danny and James Catron pictured above with 3 swamp rabbits and 1 cottontail on Feb 5th, 2006.
Feb 9th and the Feb 14th we harvested a total of 19 bunnies. On Feb 20th, 2006 with two of my hunting buddies, we harvested 9 bunnies; the pack really put on a show for them.
Danny is shown with Rebel on a beautiful and cold day on Feb 26th, 2006. We ended the season with a total of 266 bunnies killed!
This is ours new addition to Catron's Kennel. We will travel and hunt bunnies on our new Little Mule. We will be running 14 beagles this coming season! All I can say is bunnies beware of Catron's Kennel.


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