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Danny squats with one of the best rabbit dogs you will ever find, Catron's Jumping Misty.

This is a dog that was bought from Catron's Kennel and is now in Lexington, KY.  She retrieves rabbits and her new owner is Micheal Stuart.


Queenie and Molly were purchased from Catron's Kennel. They are now in Dover, DE with their new owner Derrick Combs. Dec 17th, 2010

This was a hunt with Queenie and Molly.  The  guys killed 14 bunnies in Dover, DE on Dec 20th, 2010.

John, with Buckeye Dog Hauling Services, delivered Catron's Mandy to Long Island, NY. Thanks Anthony!
We hunted rabbits in the snow on Jan 1st, 2011.
Our pack ran one big swamp rabbit thirty minutes in the snow on Jan 11th, 2011.
Thanks to our rabbit dogs we killed 4 big swamp rabbits in 3 hours on Jan 11th, 2011.
Brett, Rondey and Dennis pose with 8 cottontails harvested on Dec 6th, 2010.
Dennis, Rondey and Don killed 7 swamp rabbits on Dec 17th, 2010.

Bob Mobley, Monticello, GA, holds 1 big swamp rabbit on Jan 8th, 2011.

Bob stands with 1 cottonail.

Glenn Clegg and Bob traveled 6 hours from GA to hunt with us. They were very satisfied with the hunt that took place on Jan 8th, 2011.

It was just another day in the woods with 2 swamp rabbits and 5 cottontails killed on Ded 10th, 2010.

Swamp rabbit in the hole.
Rondey and his daughter are shown here on a rabbit hunt with one big swamper on Jan 29th, 2011.

At the end of the hunt there were 6 swamp rabbits killed Jan 29th, 2011.

Look out swamper; here we come.
rabbit dog

This is Ricky from Hayville Al. He bought one of my best females and became another very happy buyer.

This is Todd from Columbus, MS. He bought one of my females - Catrons Running Fancy on Mar 29th, 2011.


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