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Welcome to Catron's Kennel - Home of the A-1 Rabbit Dogs
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Catron's Kennel
Catron's Kennel is owned by Danny and James Catron, natives of Fayette County, which is located in west Tennessee. We have been running and training beagles for the last 12 years and we are known for having the best rabbit dogs in west TN. We will not tolerate a deer running dog in our kennel. We hunt rabbits only; not deer -- that's guaranteed. Our beagles are run all through the spring, summer and fall.
Our outstanding pack of Beagles have been on News Channel 3 midsouth outdoors hunting show and have had articles about them featured in the Fayette County Review. We have had a very enjoyable last 3 rabbit seasons. Along side our hunting buddies we have harvested a total of 750 rabbits. In the 2002-2003 season we harvested 321 rabbits. We've had hunts as successful as harvesting 34 rabbits in one day and 47 rabbits in 3 days . We are not a puppy kennel, but at times we have some for sale. We've sold puppies and ran dogs in Alabama, Mississippi, New Jersey, Kentucky, Arkansas, Ohio, Tennessee, South Carolina, New York, Georgia, North Carolina, Virginia, Florida, Delaware , Missouri, Canada, and even Greece! Catron's Kennel
Catron's Kennel Catron's Kennel

Contact:       Danny R. Catron #901-813-8449 

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