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Call us today and reserve your time slot for the opportunity to hunt with an outstanding pack of beagles.
(1 Hunter-$100/day) (2-Hunters $150/day) (3-Hunters-$250/day) (4-5-Hunters-$300/day)
Hunts will begin at 8:30 am and end around 2:30 pm

13 swamp rabbits were killed on Jan 16th, 2011.
Tavis Cumming, Augusta Ga, is shown here on a guided hunt with his first kill.
At the end of the hunt their were a total of 11 rabbits killed on Jan 22nd, 2011.
Jay Ewin and Micheal  Stuart came back on another hunt to kill 2 swampers on a very cold and snowy day Feb 7th, 2011.
These 3 hunters traveled from Macon, Ga to hunt. They harvested 6 swamp rabbits on Feb 8th, 2011.
Scott McFall, Nashville Tn, is shown here with one big swamper. This was Scott's first ever swamp rabbit hunt on Feb 19th, 2011.
At the end of the hunt there wre 7 swamp rabbits killed. Thanks Doug Travis and Scott McFall. Feb 19th, 2011.
Hunters from Raleigh Durham N.C. On a two days rabbit hunt 11-Rabbits were killed the guy really the show that the beagles put on for them.
Devin Watkins,Randy Watkins and Kyle Watkins hunt take place on Dec.21-2011 Dec.23-2011.
Donnie Sweatt an Steve Blair from Nashville with 7-Big Swampers another big day for Catrons Kennel
A group from Moscow with 5-Rabbits
Kristin Warington,Matt McMillin and Fred Warrington from Trenton Tn with 7-Rabbits Harvested on Jan.14-2012.
John Weston and Ben Cockrell from Williston Tn holding a Big Swamper.
Dan and Chris Hostler from (West Virginia) holding a Swamper,this were Dan first ever Swamp Rabbit he really enjoyed it.A good ending to day 4-big Swampers.
3 Hunters from Houston Tx on a rabbit hunt a totall of 8-Swamper Rabbits were killed Joseph Hoskins, Jules Druilhet, and Wanye Logman also sold Joseph two dogs that day the guys reall enjoyed the hunt Jan-28-2012
Hunters from Jackson Tn with 5-Bunny killed on Jan-29-2012.
Two Hunters from Dyersburg Tn with 2-Big Swampers and 2-Cottontails killed on Feb-5-2012 this were the guys Second rabbit hunt wiith us
Two Hunter from Shelby County Tn holding one Big Swamp Rabbit at the end of the hunt there were a totall of 4-Rabitts killed Feb-10-2012..

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