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Call us today and reserve your time slot for the opportunity to hunt with an outstanding pack of beagles.
(1 Hunter-$100/day) (2-Hunters $150/day) (3-Hunters-$250/day) (4-5-Hunters-$300/day)
Hunts will begin at 8:30 am and end around 2:30 pm

This is Rondey, from Shelby County, TN, shown with the 100th rabbit killed for the season on Jan 15th, 2010.
This is Charles, from Brownsville, TN, holdling one big swamper that he killed on Jan 15th, 2010.
Danny Ray Jr stands alongside 2 hunters on a guided rabbit hunt  Jan 23rd, 2010.
A group of  hunters enjoyed a hunt provided by us. They took 15 bunnies on Jan 23rd, 2010.
Micheal Stuart, Lexington KY, shown with one swamp rabbit. Mike had never hunted with beagles before and he really enjoyed the hunt on Jan 24th, 2010.
At the end of the day Micheal had killed 5 big swamper rabbits on Jan 24th, 2010.
On the 2nd day Micheal took 3 cottontails and 1 swamp rabbit on Jan 25th, 2010.
At the end of the hunt we had harvested a total of 8 big awampers killed on Feb 13th, 2010.
This is Jay Ewin, Hithe Withe, TN, on a guided rabbit hunt with one big swamp rabbit. This was the first time Jay had killed a swamper. Feb 19th, 2010.
Jay is shown with one cottontail.
Look out bunnies; we're coming for you!
These two swamp rabbits were killed at the same time.
It's lunch time for the guys.
At the end of the hunt Jay had killed 4 bunnies. He really
enjoyed the hunt and is ready to go next season.
A group of hunters at the end of rabbit season harvested 15 bunnies. It was another big day for the guide service with a total of 181 rabbits killed for this season. Thanks to every one that hunted with us. We can't wait until the next season.
Jay Erwin, from Eads TN, is shown here with one rabbit harvested on Nov 20th, 2010.
James West,  from Arlington TN, pictured here with his first rabbit hunt kill.
Jay and James at the end of the day had 8 cottontails and 1 swamp rabbit harvested on Nov 20th, 2010.
Micheal Stuart, from Lexington KY, stands with one swamp rabbit he killed on Nov 22nd, 2010.
At the end of the first day there were 5 cottontails and 1 swamp rabbit  killed.  Micheal is shown here with his new dog Annie that he bought from us.

Contact:         Danny R. Catron #901-813-8449 

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