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Beagle Training

Beagle TrainingTraining beagle puppies
By Danny Catron

I like to start puppies at the age of three and a half to four months old.  First I will put a rabbit in a cage in front of the puppies for at least two days.  Next I will let the rabbit out while the puppies are still in the pen, they can see the rabbit but they can not get it.  Most of our average pups will start barking at it.  I do this for at least two whole days.  The next step is placing the puppies in a starting pen where there are a bunch of rabbits along side an older and slower beagle.  In just a couple weeks the puppies should be chasing the rabbits.  Next, I let the puppies run in the pen by theirselves for two weeks.  I know this method works as I have done it myself for many other beagle enthusiasts.  Bye this point my puppies can usually run a rabbit at just five months of age.  By seven to ten months of age I start running my puppies in the wild.  I normally fire my gun over the puppies a few times until they are no longer gun shy.  The puppies are then ready to hunt!

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